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  The Jacksonville USA Pageant has been enjoying getting to know the fine folks at WJXT Channel 4 a little better lately!   Since WJXT Channel 4 is the television station that is going to air the MISS FLORIDA USA PAGEANT on July 16th, 2011 at 8 PM, they have welcomed our titleholders to participate in various stories or shows.   Earlier on June 20, Ayesha Faines met up with Marissa at French Novelty to cover the important of selecting the right wardrobe for a pageant competition (link).   On June 30th, Marissa and MiKyle appeared on WJXT's Morning Show and were interviewed by Ayesha Faines regarding their respective upcoming competitions:  the Miss Florida USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants.   It was a fun show thanks to Ayesha (link).   Then, our titleholder had a little fun with Richard Nunn, the weatherman for WJXT.   He let our ladies try their hands at announcing the weather and pushing buttons to change the map and temperatures!   Being in front of a green screen can be quite an adventure.  Watch our crazy You-Tube video of the behind the scenes with our titleholders, Ayesha, and Richard!  Here's how the weather actually looked on TV (LINK)!  
  Oh, Richard!  So that's how to do it!  

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